Most of our customers have several questions in common which we have gathered during the last few years and are now available for you on our website. Feel free to browse our Frequently Asked Questions section and save yourself some time in writting to us. Of course, if you have any question that is not listed below, you're always welcome to ask us via our contact form.

FAQ - Listing your villa

  • 1.- Why should I choose Bahia Villa Vacations as our Rental Manager? +

    Bahia Villa Vacations Rental Management is located on-site which allows us to provide a high level of service to both our homeowners and guests. Our Rental Management Program has been created to provide a one stop shop experience for homeowners.

  • 2.- What is the term of the participation in Bahia Villa Vacations? +

    The initial term is for two years; with successive terms of two years. Participation can be terminated by either party with 60 days notice.

  • 3.- How many nights do I have to put my home in the program? +

    There is no restrictions on the number of nights.

  • 4.- What are the responsibilities of the Bahia Villa Vacations Manager? +

    Manager is responsible for the marketing and sales of the program; plus the staff, equipment and services required to operate the Bahia Villa Vacations Program. Please contact the Rental Manager for more details.

  • 5.- What are the responsibilities of the homeowner? +

    Homeowner is responsible for the operation of the home, such as utilities, internet service, property taxes, landscaping, pest control (all the regular home expenses). Please contact the Rental Manager for more details.

  • 6.- How does Bahia Villa Vacations decides which homes gets rented first? +

    Guests can choose directly from our website the villa they want based on special amenities or locations. If there are no special requests, our rental management software automatically distributes rentals on a fair and equitable basis.

  • 7.- How are the nightly rental rates established for my home? +

    Rental Rates are established by researching and benchmarking comparable product from other developments in Baja California Sur, such as La Paz and Los Cabos.

  • 8.- How will Bahia Villa Vacations drive occupancy to my home? +

    In order to drive the highest occupancy percentages, Bahia Villa Vacations works closely with tour operators and travel agents to reach out to local, national and international markets. We have collaboration agreements with Property Management agencies in Los Cabos and in La Paz; they help us market our product with their clients and we market their villas within our clients.

  • 9.- What is the Standard furnishing that must be in the home prior to entering in to the Rental Program? +

    We have established minimum décor standards that are required to establish quality of the product (Villas). Any homes that was on the nightly rental program with LB is pre-approved. You can request the Décor Standards minimum requirements to the Rental Manager.

  • 10.- How often can I use my home? +

    We have no restrictions on the number of days you can occupy your own home. We will send you a owner use calendar at the beginning of the year, but as long as your home doesn't have a reservation, you can use it.

  • 11.- What villa amenities and housekeeping services are provided for the guest? +

    Upon arrival, guests receive full amenities which include luxury soap, shampoo, conditioner, paper products, dishwasher soap, and laundry detergent.

  • 12.- How do I list my home in the Bahia Villa Vacations Website? +

    Once you have signed the Rental Management Program agreement and your home has been approved by the Rental Manager; we will work with you to create a unique Villa Profile. This profile includes pictures of every room and amenities of the home; as well as the different views your home has.

  • 13.- Is there a cost to list my home in the Bahia Villa Vacations Website? +

    Yes, this fee includes the web designer fee to create a new Villa profile and proper programming to not only have it in our website but in the reservation centers we work with. This fee also includes the photo shoot and home preparation. This is a one time fee that you pay out of your first rental. Please request more information with your Home Manager.

  • 14.- As a homeowner, how do I reserve time in my home for personal use? +

    You will have access to the Bahia Villa Vacations website, you can see if this has a reservation and/or you can make reservations on-line for your own unit.

  • 15.- Will there be special rates for owners occupying another owner's home? +

    Yes. We will have preferred pricing for this type of stay.

  • 16.- Can I rent my house in my own? +

    Yes, we can work together on this. Please contact your Rental Manager for more details.

  • 17.- Can I make my home non-smoking, non pets, or request any other restrictions? +

    All Villas are non-smoking; and in the Villa Profile you can advice us if we can list your home as Pet Friendly or any other restrictions.

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