Mexican-style architecture and exquisite interior design complement a perfect place for a beach vacation. Book the vacation home you like the most and enjoy the best community in the Baja" 


Casa Buena 

What’s a dream vacation if you can’t have everything you’ll need for the trip? Fortunately for you we’ve put much effort into Casa Buena, as all furniture was carefully selected for maximum comfort and decorations were handpicked to make you feel like this is truly your home. 

Casa de la Estrella 

Some of us look for sunny places when we go on a vacation trip, you know? We live on a sometimes-cold environment waiting for that time of the year to take a plane and chase the sun. 

Casa de la Alegria 

Its name can be translated as “House of Joy” and let me tell you it’s no coincidence.You’ll see, we have done everything we can to bring joy to every corner of this beautiful house. As soon as you come in, you’ll notice the vegetation welcoming you. 

Casa de la Vega 

Some of you, depending on where you live, have to endure cold winters a few months every year. And it seems like spring comes and goes faster than we’d like. So if you have one of those cases of spring blues, we have the solution. 

Casa del Cortez 

Loreto is a place ready to be discovered by land and sea. You’re probably reading this and thinking about some extreme activities. While some of them may be correct, let me tell you there’s adventure for the whole family here. 

Casa Isla

How long has it been since you last saw your group of high school pals or your girlfriends from college? It’s time to catch up, and there’s no better way than a long weekend trip to Loreto. 

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Casa Turqueza

Travelers from all around the world seek to get out of the city and coexist with nature for a little while. If you’re one of them then you should be seriously considering a trip to the magical town of Loreto.  

Casa Paseo 

Casita Paseo is the best option to having your own quiet retreat just steps away from the Loreto Bay beach. 

Casa Tuno

Many artistic people from around the world come to Loreto to seek inspiration for their next masterpiece or to work on it here. 

Casa Armonia 

An brand new listing for you to spend a perfect vacation. Please stand by for pictures of all its amazing spaces. 

Casa Paraiso

You will love the tranquility and beautiful surroundings as well as the romance and ambiance of this incredible location, steps away from the 18 holes – Loreto Bay Golf course. We invite you to come and explore the National Park of Loreto; its Islands and the beautiful beaches. 

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